filePro® New Features

5.7 filePro Plus now includes:

  • XML    Mapping Wizard (Java application), XML Schema Definition parser and XML
    Mapping File editor along with XML output type (dmoedef, .xout files) ties processing, tags and break tags to the XML Mapping File.
  • ODBC (Windows) now included in the filePro Plus offering.
  • fP+MySQL offers the user MySQL capability interfaced to filePro Plus.
    • Read/Write from filePro or modify from external source.
  • Full Development Licenses offered in: Single session and 5+ selectable sessions.
    • Example: Select 5, 7, 11, 28, 54,  etc  you choose the number of sessions.
  • Runtime Licenses are now ADDED to your Development License count.
    • Example: You purchase a five (5) user Development License plus ten (10) additional RT licenses for a total user count of fifteen (15) runtime licenses.
  • Developer Annual Packages allows you to purchase one not for resale copy of our filePro Plus development offerings (Linux, Windows or Unix)  including: fpSQL, WinODBC, XML,
    fP+MySQL, GI server with 2 clients and GI Tool Kit at huge discounts based on annual
    Sales Level and an annual fee.
  • Annual Maintenance Subscription includes: all updates, bug fixes and enhancements to the current filePro products during the term of your subscription. Your “wish list”
    request will also have  priority attention. No more waiting for a new Release but
    take advantage of new features as they are available.
    NOTE: future or new products may not be included. 
  • Pricing and discount levels have been adjusted and based on session usage and annual purchases.
    Full Development with run-time: Single  $530.00 5-24 users $339.00 per user
    Full Run-time only: Single  $295.00 5+    users $125.00 per user

    NOTE: include fP Plus, fP+MySQL, XML and WinODBC
    UPGRADE % OF CURRENT PRICE:  From 5.6 (40%); 5.0 (65%); 4.8 (85%); Prior  (95%)


filePro Plus 5.7 NEW features

  • @SBRKn in output processing will trigger at the start of a break vs. end of the break @WBRKn
    • A typical use for this might be to display the State name only on the first record in that
      State without the need for checks involving saving the state at the end of processing
      and check if the State has changed.
  • MERGEVAL (mergename,number)  for IMPORT only.
    • Example:   (result = MERGEVAL (importname, field number)
  • IPv6 support.
  • ENCODE( ) and DECODE( ) functions for BASE64 support.
  • Edit Screen Color on  NIX platforms.
  • Encrypt() and getnonce () have been enhanced to include the PID and an incrementing counter.
  • 64 bit support for HMS Time functions.
  • 5.6.11 error and bug fixes.  This will be the final release of 5.6 product line.  All errors or bugs found after June 1, 2011 will be handled under the Annual Maintenance Subscription or at the time of another major release.
  • -pq in GI now support the Local Printer option in selection.