filePro ® Specificatons

Versions Available Native Windows, SCO Openserver Unix/Unixware, Linux, Sun, HP-UX,
IBM AIX, IBM eServer iSeries Linux
Number of Files limited only by disk space
Number of Records per file 1 Billion
Number of Fields per Record 999
Number of Characters per Record 65,400
Number of Reports Forms, Labels limited only by disk space
Length of Output Formats 255 lines per record
Width of Output Formats 255 characters
Number of Report Levels 9 levels: 8 subtotal and 1 grand total
Number of Labels Across Page 1 to 9
Number of Screens limited only by disk space
Number of Fields per Screen 200
Number of Print Codes for Each Printer 255
Number of Processing Elements per Table 3000 Increased to 9999 in version 4.8
Number of Automatic Indexes 16
Number of Demand Indexes 10
Number of Fields to Sort On Per Rpt/Index 8
Number of Criteria for Record Selection unlimited
Associated Field Instances 32
Processing Line Length 120 characters
Selection Sets Called in Processing unlimited
Token Table Size 128k (DOS, XENIX 286); available mem.(U/X)
Number of Global Edits 100
Number of File-specific edits 100
Number of Built-in Field Edits 38
Mathematical Precision 16 Places to left. 8 places to right of decimal Pt.
Number of User-defined Menus Limited only by disk space
Number of Choices on Each Menu 24