I can connect to MySQL, but why do the indexes not work?

There are two things you must do: 1) *** YOU MUST EDIT ‘all.sql’ BEFORE THIS STEP *** On or around line 117 – you will need to enter your database name first!! The all.sql MySQL stored procedures supplied with the filePro® installation must be inserted into every Database with a Table that filePro® will map. ...

Why do I keep getting error messages when I try to connect to MySQL?

First thing to check is to ensure you have a valid ‘odbc.ini’ file. Depending on your system, it could be in /etc or something like /etc/unixODBC/ directories. In this example – enter ‘fPMySQL’ in the DSN field when setting up MySQL connection in define files. Here is a sample odbc.ini: [fPMySQL] Description = MySQL database ...

How secure is my filePro® Data?

Introduced in filePro ® version 5.7.01, Data Encryption is now available. Click Here to read more about filePro ® Data Encryption.

What is the history of filePro ®?

filePro ® began in 1978 and was originally marketed through Tandy / Radio Shack as the Electronic file clerk and later known as Profile. Since then, the name was changed to filePro ® and sold by the Small Computer Company in New York. fP Technologies, Inc. is now based in Ohio and supports filePro ® ...

Where can I get filePro ® Support?

You can get support by contacting us at fileProtraining.com or contact fP Technologies, Inc. 30 Days of support are included with each new purchase of filePro ®. Customers can pay for a ‘per incident’ support or purchase annual support to cover all filePro ® installations if there 30 days has expired. The filePro ® community ...

How can I learn to write filePro ® code?

We will be offering filePro ® classes throughout the year, as we get more developers. Onsite and one on one training is available through fileprotraining.com. Feel free to contact us for what is best for you.

I wrote my filePro ® application on a Linux server – can my new customer run this on a Windows Server?

No problem. fP Transfer allows you to port your application from one OS to another quite easily. You will need fP transfer for each OS to perform the conversion. Keep in mind that any OS specific commands in your code may need to be tweaked as they may be different between the OS’s.

How can I view and updata filePro ® data via web pages?

fP CGI allows you to web enable your filePro application. You will need to know some about HTML – but this is a quick and painless solution. filePro 5.7 includes the ability to connect to a MySQL database. This can be easily integrated using PHP and HTML to view and update your filePro application data.

What do I need to purchase to get started with filePro ®?

To get started – you need to purchase the filePro Development System. If you have more than one developer, you may consider buying a multi-user license. If you are the only developer – then a single user may be all you need for development. If you are developing applications for the company you work for ...

What Operating System is Best for filePro ®?

The platform depends completely on you and your needs. The majority of filePro developers are using Linux / Unix platforms for multi-user systems. filePro will run on the following platforms: Linux SCO Unix / Unixware Windows IBM AIX IBM iSeries Linux Sun Solaris HP-UX freeBSD