filePro 5.8.00 Release Notes

23 May 2014 | filePro Support |

Release notes - filePro Plus 5.8 - 01/15/2015

The filePro Plus software and the documentation provided with it
are protected under United States Copyright Laws and is provided
subject to the terms and conditions of the filePro License Agreement.

PLEASE NOTE : the support and fax phone numbers listed in this
readme file are new. They have changed since the last release.




To submit bug reports
1. EMail them to including the text
   "Bug Report" with the version # and your filePro
   License # in the subject line
2. FAX them to (877) 606-6853 clearly marking them as bug reports
   and be sure to reference your filPro License #
3. Call the customer support number (800) 847-4740


We wish to thank Jim Asman for sending us an entire set of HP 
printer tables for inclusion in this release. You might wish to
send him a note of appreciation to  Please
view Jim's readme file which has been placed in your fp\lib 
directory for any special notes about these printer tables.


Contact Information

Surface Mail
    fP Technologies, Inc.
    432 W. Gypsy Lane Road
    Bowling Green, OH 43402

    Support   (800) 847-4740
    Sales     (800) 847-4740
    Fax       (877) 606-6853


It's important that you clearly describe a suspected bug and
include the filePro version number. If the programmer has trouble 
figuring out what you meant, you might as well not have reported 
the bug. Be very specific. For example, if you are reporting a 
bug concerning a Browse, identify if it is a lookup browse or 
browse created by using the [F6] key. A screen shot is very 
helpful and sometimes better than more than 1000 words.

Describe exactly how to duplicate the bug. Although it's 
sometimes difficult to create a working sample to demonstrate the 
problem, make every effort to trim down your code and provide a 
working sample application with test data. You may even discover 
that what you thought to be a bug is due to a coding error or the 
bug may only occur with lots of data or large processing tables.

Take good notes as to any error messages and under what 
circumstances the error message is presented. It never hurts to 
provide more information rather than not enough. This is 
particularly true when the programmer asks for additional 
information. Rather than responding with a single sentence, be
verbose since this may shed some light on the bug or what you may 
be doing wrong in your code.

Read what you wrote. Closely read your bug report before submitting 
to make sure it's clear and complete. If you have listed steps for 
duplicating the bug in a sample, exercise the sample with the 
listed steps to make sure you haven't missed a step.


(Linux) #1292

        On some Linux systems, filePro would see a different MAC
        address than reported by "ifconfig" or "ip addr".

(All) #1294

        If you edit a prc file outside of filePro, and there is
        no newline character at the end of the last line, filePro
        may crash on exit or "switch files" in *clerk.

(All) #1295

        Alien files can't be encrypted.  Ddefine now prevents you
        from marking such files as encrypted.

(OSR5) #1297

        On SCO OSR5, if you have a fuzzy browse lookup, and pass
        it a zero-length key, filePro can crash.

(OSR5) #1299

        Fuzzy search on SCO OSR5 returned incorrect results.

(Windows) #1301

        When using PFIXS=ON or the "-jy" flag, it was possible                        
        for Windows to throw an "uninitialized variable" error 
        when scanning for records using an indexed field.


        New function to get error code for ENCRYPT()/DECRYPT()

            status = CRYPTERROR( [format] )

        If "format" is omitted, or zero, then the value is 
        returned as a numeric error number, or zero for "no 
        error".  If "format" is "1", then the value is returned 
        as a string.  Other values for "format" are undefined.

        (If ENCRYPT/DEcrypt fails, a null string -- "" -- is 


    New function to set the ODBC query timeout:

        old = @ODBC.handle.TIMEOUT(timeout)

    where "timeout" is the desired timeout in seconds.  The    
     function returns the old timeout value, if available, or "" 
     if not.

    The default timeout is 15 seconds.  Not all ODBC sources 
     allow the timeout to be set.  Setting the timeout to zero 
     disables any timeout fuctionality, and can cause filePro to 
     simply wait forever.

    This only affects future queries.  Also, some ODBC sources 
     share the timeout between all handles attached to the same 
     ODBC_CONNECTION handle.
filePro and filePro Plus are registered 
  trademarks of fP Technologies, Inc.

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